Content Management System for media and entertainment company

Content Management System for media and entertainment company

BACKGROUND: A well known media and entertainment based on Mumbai, India , had been experiencing difficulty with the functionality and usability of their CMS. Most of the time it didn’t work, and their business was getting down as the site was no under control of the company.

CHALLENGES: We had to build a CMS with more reliability, more functional, consistently working. To improve their control over the site through additional features in CMS.

SOLUTION: With the help of dynamically generated links on the company’s technology center homepage the site visitors are now able to navigate to the  knowledge and guide for the answers they are looking. Now the company is able to optimize its pages for search engines through the CMS.

RESULT: With the help of new CMS and its additional features the company’s control over their sites improved with more satisfied users on their product. Now they are highly ranked in search engine.

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