SaaS & Mobile based Electronic health record Management system

SaaS & Mobile based Electronic health record Management system

BACKGROUND   : An e-health record management system startup, wants to build a SaaS app and Android Mobile App to manage practice and patient health history.

CHALLENGE      : We were tasked to interlink doctors, patients, their dependents and hospitals and manage health records centrally. The electronic health records could be accessed via Mobile App and all alerts and notification for medicine conformance is also captured for helping Doctors in providing better healthcare to their patients.

SOLUTION         : Our solution scope started from iterating with clients in real-time by creating functional application prototype for both Web and Mobile versions of the App.

RESULT             :  The result was a responsive SaaS web application based on the with the latest Metro UI interface and twitter bootstrap. The minimalistic design approach for the Android mobile App came out very sleek and compact under 5 mb. We completed the project in 6 months.

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