Hire a Windows Mobile 8 Developer on monthly or project by project basis

Windows Mobile OS comes builtin with popular windows applications such as Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Windows Mobile 8 with Nokia as its Mobile handset partner, has created a large interest in the smart mobile community. Its time to port your existing apps from Apple Appstore or from Android marketplace and launch it in Windows Marketplace. For new projects we can brainstorm and bring your ideas to life and publish your app on Windows Marketplace. We take care of your Windows Mobile application from development, testing, certification and distributing applications through Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Supervise and manage your Windows Mobile projects remotely and be in control over the entire development process. Hire a Windows Mobile Application Developer from Allied Biztech on hourly/ weekly/ monthly contract basis.


  • Windows Mobile utility applications: Apps that remind your next mortgage payment date, convert temperatures, estimate your auto loan monthly payments, find international calling codes and more
  • Windows Mobile Entertainment Apps: They which brings you the latest celebrity gossips, movie timings in your city or the latest movie reviews from IMDB.
  • Windows Mobile Location-aware Apps : With Windows Mobile location-aware apps you can figure out where you are, even tell others here you are! Finding great restaurants, malls, theatres, shops and other interesting venues near you have never been more easy.
  • Windows Mobile Game Apps Development: These are what make the Windows Mobile fun! Play Sudoku, shoot zombies, jump over fire. We make full use of Windows Mobile’s 1GHz Processor, built-in accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and built-in speakers for pure gaming experience.
  • Windows Mobile News Apps Development: Get the latest information from subjects of your interest. Get the latest news with Rich Content like Video, Audio and Podcasts delivered to you in real time.
  • Windows Mobile Search Tool Apps: Search anything on the go.. find country specific info like currency, international phone codes and capital? Looking for a good cooking recipe this weekend? Search for bars, restaurants and other fun things to check out in your city or near you using location-aware capabilities of Windows Mobile!
  • Windows Mobile Productivity Apps: Let your Windows Mobile track your spending and manage your credit card and bank info. Other popular choices for developing apps in this category are task management, calendar / scheduler, document reader, visualization, mind maps, sync apps, cloud backup apps and remote control apps.
  • Windows Mobile Social Networking Apps: Bring your entire social sphere on your Windows Mobile, chat, share links, review, hangout with friends and colleagues all over the world or better share videos or video chat with your Windows Mobile Social Networking Apps.
  • Windows Mobile Sports & Health Apps: Never miss the latest news from the world of Football, Basketball or Cricket. Connect with likeminded fans of your favorite Sport around the world and follow your passion. Track your gym sessions and let Windows Mobile reduce your weight and diet plan.
  • Windows Mobile Travel Apps : Find weekend getaways, restaurants near your location, Flight schedules, Airline itineraries or download a tourist guide that includes commentary. Travel applications on Windows Mobile are perfect for all your travel needs.