UK based Sports Recruitment Platform for Athletes

UK based Sports Recruitment Platform for Athletes

BACKGROUND   : An UK based sports startup, build a Recruitment Platform for university and college coaches, which made them a leader in Recruitment of Athlete

CHALLENGE      : As the Recruitment Platform is with a concept it was difficult to determine actual project requirements and its potential features which will delight the audience to target. Moreover because of various GUI constraints it was difficult to maintain the consistency of its performance and look  across different mobile platforms –BlackBerry, iPhone, Android etc.

SOLUTION         : With the help of Recruitment Platform we provided, they received good response from various mobile website which led to its extension to native mobile devices like iPhone,Windows Phone, Android & Blackberry .

RESULT             : The Recruitment Platform architecture is structured on multiple platforms & has made the users life easier, giving them anytime access to the application, increasing their efficiency in better management as well

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