Web Development for design and equipment Company

Web Development for design and equipment Company

BACKGROUND: An US based Design and Equipment Company who started from a small regional provider in the food service industry into a respected worldwide supplier with twenty offices around the country.

CHALLENGES: The company had an outdated and unmanageable website with less content. And we had to develop an attractive and user-friendly website to elevate their brand and position in the globe. Moreover we had to optimize the site for SEO increasing their brand visibility and traffic side by side  increasing leads by various “calls-to-action”

SOLUTION: We built new site for them, built following focus areas -the design and engineering services and food service equipment. We added features with visually attractive image as well as project galleries, various product videos, and resource center with food service in the site. Adjustable content is developed for updating promotions and featured vendors, and  various calls-to-action  for effectiveness.

RESULT: The site achieved Google first page search ranking for 15 keyword phrases and a top 5 ranking for 12 keywords, previously was on seventh page. Their business improved by 39%

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