Job portal Re-engineering for a Recruitment services Startup

Job portal Re-engineering for a Recruitment services Startup


Background: Effect Publishers are a reputed company based out of eastern India. They publish weekly career newspaper and wanted to venture into the recruitment services space.

Challenge: We were entrusted with re-branding and making their site web 2.0 complaint. We also had to work on the UI and UX so that conversion percentage(candidates registering in the site for free) can be increased. There were some issues to be fixed regarding the browser compatibility also.

Solution: We started with the UI of the site and make it leaner and strict xHTML 4.0 complaint so that it works on all browsers. We also changed parts of the code to make the signup process more smooth and easy for casual visitors. We also helped them in re-branding the site with a new logo and color scheme.

Benefits: Within 3 weeks of re-launching the site, conversions were improved and thanks to Google Analytics, we could also improve the on-page SEO of the website.

Results: Visitors were now happy visiting the website and administrator has more options to control the website from his login. We were happy to help them re-brand and re-position their services within 90 days of signing the project with us.