New Product Development using PHP ZFW, MySQL, REST APi

New Product Development using PHP ZFW, MySQL, REST APi


Challenge: The challenge was to create a “Web, Mobile and Tablet capable Integrated CRM solution for Pharma Industry”. The software distribution will be in SaaS and as on-premise Virtual Machines

Solution: The project has 26 modules and sub-modules. Support for Native Windows Desktop, Android Native Tablets and Smartphones has to be also considered. We formed a team of Solution Architects, Database Designers, Programmers, UI and UX Designers and a separate QA team.  The team has deep domain knowledge, solid technical skills, and diverse talents ranging from business requirements and software-architecture design to development, testing, and maintenance. It took 10 months to release the “minimum viable product”. We used Agile development methodology and shipped new modules every month on small sprints.

With more than a million lines of code, 200+ database tables, REST Api for each target device platform – we completed one of the longest product development cycles under our “BDMM(Build Deploy Manage Market) product development methodology” For a scale of a product of this size and complexity, we could ship v1.0 in 19 months with QA testing.

Benefits: The product was released on-time and we are currently taking care of managing and marketing part of this product. We also created virtual machines for on-premise deployments and easy SaaS deployments.

Results: With a results driven product development methodology, our team of product development experts fulfilled time-to-market requirements.