Website and App development for architectural mill-work industry

Website and App development for architectural mill-work industry

BACKGROUND: The company was founded by an Indian in 1990 in Saltlake, India. Now they became one of the best providers of residential cabinetry in the area and quickly they developed into one of best the premier designer of one-of-a-kind retail service.

CHALLENGES: The founder wanted us to create a website that reflected their unique design and style  ability. Their  company brand had been already established based on their high level of performance and now they needed a virtual home to showcase their ideas and product.

SOLUTION: We had to use graphics instead of wood and apply the photo gallery driven content in the app also, so that the showcase provide an exact portfolio of designs for the customers. And the use of wire-frames for the foundation of the site made it functional.

RESULT: The website is now premium branded and reflects on company’s unique style and design capabilities. And with the app their business in now improved and automated.


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